At Tjeu van de Meulengraaf drivingsport We have harnesses in all shapes and sizes in supple English leather or in (not from leather distinguishable) Biothane synthetic (leather look). These are manufactured under our name and are very solid, match worthy and even honestly priced!


From an elegant harness for your mini pony to extremely strong gear for your draught horse and everything in between. You can count on sound advice. Feel free to make an appointment and come along with your pony or horse so we can fit a suitable harness for years of enjoyment.


If you want to order a harness online in our webshop, but you don't know exactly what size. Send us an instant message, we will send you an easy measuring list, so you can choose the right size with us.

We also make harnesses entirely customised and to your wishes.


If you have any questions about the harnesses in our assortment or if you would like to have a custom made one, please feel free to Contact us!

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You can also contact us for loose harness parts!

If your harness has been broken for some reason, you can go to Tjeu van de Meulengraaf drivingsport for a wide range of gear parts. From individual rosettes to a complete main set. From chest piece to French Garel. From drawbar belt to Culeron. Every spare part can be obtained. If your part is not there, please feel free to Contact us.

Biothane Harness on Cob
Shetlander Harness

Custom made harness at standard price

The above automatically means that when you purchase a harness, you can create your own harness at Tjeu van de Meulengraaf drivingsport . A custom made harness for a standard price! Your harness can be easily assembled from all loose gear parts. For example, you can order a full head set with a cob front strap. Or a full saddle and a cob chest piece. Everything is possible. Contact us to make an appointment and come along with your pony or horse so that we can measure and make an appropriate harness for years of enjoyment.

Looking for specific harness parts?

Can't find the harness you want on our website? Please contact us. The assortment of Tjeu van de Meulengraaf drivingsport is continuously added with new items, so chances are that the part you are looking for is still delivered or can be ordered for you.

Leather Marathon Rig
Shetlander Harness with Shetlandpony

Which harness exist and which harness is suitable?

There are many different types of harnesses available. Whichever harness is suitable for your tension, depends to a large extent on what you want to do with it. When you enter the marathon with your excitement, it is obvious that you are choosing a strong marathon harness. If you are driving recreational or only dressage and skill competitions, you may choose a lighter, more elegant harness.

Synthetic harness? Leather harness?

When it is clear what type of harness you need, look at the material of the harness. Do you choose the convenience of a synthetic harness? Or are you going for leather? A whole black or brown harness? Or do you choose a gear that is a contrasting colour? The possibilities are unprecedented today and Tjeu van de Meulengraaf drivingsport will be happy to advise you.

Biothane Cobmaat Harness

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